What’s In My Travel Workout Bag?

This week’s post is a knock-off on the popular fitness blog and magazine question posed to professional athletes and trainers – “What’s in your gym bag?”  The professional being interviewed then ticks off a list of what one might find if we took a peek in her gym bag.

My regular readers know I train my in-person clients in my home and my own exercise regimen consists of a mix of in-home and outdoor workouts.  I can occasionally be found sampling classes in studio settings but rarely do I utilize a traditional health club or gym.  No gym bag necessary for my daily workouts.

Still, I do need to plan for exercise when I travel.  So here is a list of my must-have workout items when I’m away from home:Workout Gear

  • Athleta Workout Gear: Capris with a handy hidden pocket in the waistband for my room key and a feminine but functional tank. Both are made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep me cool and dry.
  • Contigo Leak Proof Water Bottle: This bottle is with me all the time, every day.  It has a nifty button that, when pressed, opens the drinking spout.  So, I can drink from it one-handed – no fiddling with covers or pop-up spouts.  It’s dishwasher safe and very durable.
  • Exhale Spa Core Fusion Workouts: I’ve had these DVDs for several years.  Recently, Exhale Spa began offering digital versions of their popular workouts which I’ve added to my Amazon Prime Video Library.  Which means they’re all available to me anywhere I am as long as I have a Wifi connection and a device to stream it on, no packing necessary.  My favorite for travel is the yoga-inspired Energy Flow which requires no equipment, even sneakers are optional.
  • Trader Joe’s Spearmint Lip Balm

So, what’s in your workout bag?

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