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There are three times a year when many decide this is when I’m finally committing to get fit.  Studies show an uptick in fitness interest in September and, of course, January 1st.  Not surprisingly, as the days get warmer and bulky clothes give way to clothes that are less forgiving, spring is also a popular time for people to think about making healthy changes.  Some make the re-commitment every January, May and September, year after year.  But, it doesn’t stick.  If this describes you, this spring, right now, re-commit in a tangible, meaningful way to select a path to fitness that you can (and will) follow for a lifetime.

The New, Best Way to Get Fit

Live, two-way video training is superior in terms of convenience, effectiveness, personalization, privacy and affordability compared to gyms, fitness studios, in-home personal training and DIY fitness programs.  Here’s the evidence:

Full-Service Gyms/Fitness Studios/In-Home Trainers: The average gym membership is $45 per month.  But, most large gyms also have initiation fees adding $100-$200 annually, making the real cost of membership closer to $60 per month.  In most cases, the membership doesn’t cover personal training sessions.  For example, Gold’s Gym charges their paying members an additional $40 per 30 minute personal training session.

Boutique fitness studios offer a different pricing structure, where clients pay either per class or in bulk.  As such, the cost per studio class can be anywhere from $10 (but only if you attend several classes per week, every week) to $40 for a single class.

These costs don’t take into consideration the public transportation, fuel and parking costs of accessing the gym or studio.  Gym and studio group classes with popular instructors or offered at peak times fill up quickly, meaning you can be shut out from the classes you want to take even if you’re a paying member.  In-home trainers allow you to avoid all of this but are the most expensive option, costing over $100 per one-hour session.

  • Live Video Training is more affordable, convenient and private:
    • Affordability: My small group video training classes are $15 per 30 minute session and my one-to-one personal training sessions are $25 per 30 minute session, period.  No monthly or annual fees.
    • Convenience: You have access to my training any time and any place you have a device with a camera (phone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, gaming console) connected to Wi-Fi (home, office, hotel).  No traffic, no buses or trains, no parking, no lockers.  No worries about lost or stolen belongings, using public locker rooms, rude behavior or filthy gym equipment.
    • Privacy: Even my small group video training is private.  Individual clients can see and hear me and I can see and hear each participant in the class but the participants can’t see or hear each other.  In no other environment can you participate in a live group class with the level of privacy live video training offers.

DIY Fitness: This can range from paying $10 per month to access an equipment-only gym (such as Planet Fitness) to completely going it alone with outdoor exercise or in-home exercise equipment.

There are two reasons why this approach doesn’t work for most people.  The first is people who have tried over and over again to adopt a fitness routine haven’t stuck with it for one reason or another.  They most likely need the assistance of a fitness professional to get down to the nuts and bolts of why it hasn’t worked in the past, what would be a better option and how to make that work.

The second reason is science-backed.  Without accountability, the chances a new exerciser will still be exercising six to twelve months from now are very low.  Merely having access to a bicycle, treadmill, free weights or walking sneakers isn’t enough of a catalyst for lasting behavior change.  People are far more likely to make major changes in their behavior when they’re accountable to someone in addition to themselves for that behavior.

  • Live Video Training is more personalized and effective:
    • Personalized: Having one-to-one personal training affords you the opportunity to have an expert design a fitness plan with you that fits your unique preferences, strengths and goals.  Even my small group training classes are capped at six participants, so I’m able to give individualized instruction and modifications in real time.
    • Effective: It stands to reason the combination of affordability, convenience, privacy, personalization and accountability that live video training offers gives you the highest likelihood of success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

I offer the expertise, GymGo offers the two-way, live video platform and makes registering and paying for sessions a snap.  If you are truly ready to make fitness a priority in your life…for real, then click here to link to my GymGo profile, register to join the GymGo family and message me to set up a free Demo Session.


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