Pantry Perfection

Conventional wisdom, backed by study results, says those who consume mostly home-prepared meals are healthier and less likely to be obese compared to those who consume a majority of meals from restaurants and other pre-prepared foods.  But those of us leading busy lives know all too well that preparing meals from scratch at home requires […]

April Showers Bring 5 Great Veggies

Spring rolls along and, with it, the spring to summer harvest.  Get these healthy, delicious vegetables while they’re fresh and, perhaps, local where you are.  I’ll highlight the nutrients in each, consult the list following this post to see what fantastic things these nutrients do for you. ARTICHOKES These thorny globes are unique for their […]

March in the Harvest

For much of the country, March truly came in like a lion.  Let’s hope the adage sticks and it goes out like a lamb.  What’s for sure, spring arrives next week and, with it, the genesis of the spring-summer harvest.  Following are the first fruits, so to speak, to arrive in March.  Consult the list […]

Portions By Body Type

Portion control is a large component of living a fit life.  But, what we’re learning from studies on diet and workout plans is that one-size does not fit all.  The same is true for portion control.  While the My Plate portion illustration (below) is a great tool for the average adult, not all of us […]

February’s Fit Foods

Hello, February!  Spring (hopefully) is just around the corner.  As 2018 marches into the warmer months, the list of in-season fruits and veggies will be bursting with delicious, nutritious options.  But, we don’t have to wait for the warm-weather harvests to partake of produce that will keep our quests to be fit on track. In […]

Start 2018 with 3 Nutrition Superstars

If you’ve made a resolution to eat more produce in 2018 (a fantastic resolution, by the way), then take heed to these fruit and veggie powerhouses in-season in January.  Consult the list at the conclusion of this post to see the health benefits of the nutrients cabbages, leeks, tangelos and clementines contain. CABBAGE There are […]

Nature’s 5 December Holiday Treats

As we’re about to usher in winter, there’s a sense that we’re also ushering in a produce drought.  While it’s true the harvest variety in winter months is small in comparison to summer months, it’s not correct to believe that eating in-season during the winter translates to diminished nutrition.  Winter produce, with a few exceptions, […]

No Regrets Thanksgiving Strategy

In keeping with our Small Steps strategy for this month and next, here’s a game plan for this week.  Remember, this isn’t about deprivation or food elimination.  It’s about making smart choices so you can enjoy Thanksgiving as you please without worrying about unwanted post-holiday pounds. Monday-Wednesday & Friday-Sunday Make exercise a priority: Aim to perform […]

November’s Cornocopia

November is naturally synonymous with harvest season, given that Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration.  Here’s an overview of the top five November fruit and veggie harvests. BRUSSELS SPROUTS We love these members of the cabbage family.  I halve them, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roast in a 400° oven for […]