Fit Tip of the Month: Portion Control

We’re in the second week of the new year and many are already struggling to stay on track with fitness resolutions.  The Fit & Happier Blog is here to help with the Small Steps Series. January’s Small Step is portion control and this week’s fitness tips are all about helping you plan and make meals […]

A Fitter, Happier You – One Small Step at a Time

A new year is approaching and it’s all too predictable.  Television, radio and social media are chock full of ads for diet and fitness plans and products that promise the sun, moon and stars.  And with it comes my frustration and sadness with witnessing people – both loved ones and our society as whole – […]

February’s Small Step: Plan Ahead

Just as we can’t “wing it” when it comes to work, parental obligations and important appointments on our calendars, so it is true with fitness.  To say, “I will go to the gym 3 times a week and eat 3 healthy meals a day,” without a concrete plan for how you will accomplish that is […]

The Truth Behind Our Biggest Fitness Mistakes

The impetus behind my Small Steps series is my frustration and sadness with witnessing people – both loved ones and our society as whole – making attempts to take control of their health in all the wrong ways.  Eventually, when their efforts don’t produce the results they want, they give up, feeling like failures.  That’s […]

The Small Step Series to a Fitter You

Why do so many of us start and quit exercise and diet programs over and over again?  Whether the goal is weight-loss specific or for other health related reasons, this phenomenon is the norm for most Americans.  Here are just a few of the sobering statistics: An estimated 50 million Americans go on a diet each […]

February’s Small Step: Plan Ahead

There are lots of pitfalls that can sidetrack those trying to achieve weight loss and fitness goals.  Let’s face it, life tends to get in the way when we try to start a new fitness routine or diet plan.  This reality is the inspiration for this month’s One Small Step.  Last month, I laid out the […]

A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2014!  After taking a two-week holiday hiatus, the Fit & Happier Blog is back providing the fit and working-to-be-fit alike with information and advice to sort through the diet and fitness clutter so that you can create realistic fitness goals and achieve a fit lifestyle. Last month, I gave readers the statistics that show making drastic, huge […]

Don’t Do It

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  But, if you feel you must make some for 2014, please do yourself a favor and don’t make any resolutions pertaining to starting a diet or joining a gym.  Why?  Because these methods of attaining weight loss or fitness goals don’t work and are counterproductive.  Here are the facts: […]

Be SMART With Your Health

Goal-setting as a means of achievement in professional life is second-nature.  We instinctively know certain steps must be taken to get the final result.  Stumbling blocks occur and we adjust the plan.  We sometimes even need to reset the goal.  What we don’t do is throw up our hands and give up.  If we did, […]