The 7 Jewels of July

We’re in the thick of it now – the summer harvest.  Here’s what’s in-season this month.  To learn how each listed nutrient boosts health, see the summary following this post. CUCUMBERS These members of the squash family are more than just for pickling.  Their flesh sports vitamins B-5 and K, potassium and plenty of carotenes.  […]

Midsummer Harvest: A Perfect 10

Here’s what’s in season and what these ten nutrition dynamos have to offer: The first five fall into one of two categories, berries and stone fruits. Berries:  All berries are nutrition heavy weights, packing plenty of satiating digestive aids (fiber) and disease-fighting cell boosters (antioxidants) in small, low-calorie packages.  Strawberries are sunsetting at the moment, but […]