Dieting Doesn’t Work

This is the second installment supporting this month’s Fit & Happier Blog Theme: Fitness Resolutions. Last week’s installment linked to a post demonstrating why body weight alone is a poor predictor of a person’s health and fitness. This week, we’ll explore the mounting evidence showing dieting in the form of substantial calorie and food group […]

Another Nail in Your Scale’s Coffin

I’ve been pointing out, for quite some time, that science is telling us body weight is a poor indicator of overall health.  And, here’s another study, from the University of Florida, that concludes body weight is a poor predictor of Type 2 diabetes risk.  But, before I get to the study, let’s examine how measuring […]

The Affordable Care Act, Fitness & You

To say that health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, Health and Human Services, healthcare costs and their connection to politics and taxes are current hot button issues would be a gigantic understatement.  There are lots of predictions coming from all directions regarding what healthcare will look like for the average American in the coming years and […]