Reach Your Fitness Goals

Nothing exemplifies the Achieve Success theme better than realizing goals. Now that I’ve laid the groundwork by defining fitness, explaining what motivates the successful and teaching the best way to measure fitness, it’s time to set your fitness goals. Click here to link to my Reach Your Goals post to learn the SMART way to […]

Motivated to Be Fit

Our theme this month is Achieve Success. Which, on this blog, means achieving fitness and maintaining it for a lifetime. Before we can learn how we get there, we first have to know what success looks like in this context. Last week, we began by defining fitness. This week is all about motivation. Studies that […]

Resolution Revolution for 2019

The Fit & Happier blog has been publishing weekly (minus a few vacation weeks) since April 2013 and has nearly 300 posts in the archives. Whew, that’s a lot! I’ve decided to take a new tact for my blog in 2019. Each month will have a theme and each Monday post that month will link […]

Another Nail in Your Scale’s Coffin

I’ve been pointing out, for quite some time, that science is telling us body weight is a poor indicator of overall health.  And, here’s another study, from the University of Florida, that concludes body weight is a poor predictor of Type 2 diabetes risk.  But, before I get to the study, let’s examine how measuring […]

Resolution Revolution

  No more weight loss resolutions!  I implore you to rid yourself of weight loss goals and shift to more inherently healthy and achievable goals.  Here’s why. A person’s weight is a poor indicator of health and well-being.  Even considering height along with weight, as the Body Mass Index (BMI) does, has been proven to […]

Do You Still Believe These 5 Fitness Myths?

We’ve all heard or read them.  Grand pronouncements over what foods are sure to be the cause of disease or others that are sure to be the cure-all.  Then a few years (or decades) later, actual studies and population data prove it all wrong.  First eggs were bad, then they were good.  Ditto chocolate, coffee, […]