You Got the Beat

It’s the last day of September and we’ve arrived at the final installment of this month’s DIY Fitness blog theme. So far, you’ve learned how to discover the best workouts for you and build a fitness routine around them. You can harness cutting edge technology to make your task easier, more convenient and more effective. […]

Play Music, Play Outside

Last week was the first installment in this month’s Boost Your Odds theme. I presented options for partnering up with your workouts because studies have shown individuals who exercise with at least one other person tend to exercise more consistently compared to those who try to adopt new fitness habits alone. This week, I give […]

The Best Workout Playlist

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re expecting a list of super fast-paced songs, perhaps a top-ten type of survey.  But, that’s not exactly what this post is about. Music taste is subjective.  What gets my juices flowing isn’t necessarily what will get you to slog through a tough workout.  So, while various fitness publications may put out […]